Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pavement Estimator

One of my duties as president of the MVA is to think. It's a duty I like to take very seriously, and I have been thinking quite a bit recently about pavement. As you can see by this link we can figure out what kind of tonnage it will take us to pave the roads. If we figure there is a mile of road to cover, 20 feet wide and 4 inches deep, we come to the figure of nearly 2600 tons of hot mix batch pavement.

A quick consultation with our resident expert on the subject, Ed Howard, reveals that a good rule of thumb for asphalt is $100 per ton. That would leave us with a bill of $260000 for repaving all the roads. Keep in mind, we still have to take care of any drainage problems before we pave, or we will be spending the money for little gain overall.

[Frank's Do-It-Himself Drainage Project - Ed.:]

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MVA Attorney and Chapter 105

Attorney Murray Kessler was very helpful in explaining the workings of chapter 105 of the Connecticut General Statutes.  [On the Search page that comes up when you click on "chapter 105, above, enter "105" in the box after "Number:."  Then, go to the box labeled, "In Database(s):" and scroll down to Statutes - Chapter Format (1/1/09).  Highlight it and click either "Search" box, toward the top or the bottom of the page.  This will take you to Chapter 105 of the Connecticut General Statutes -- the owners' and operators' guide to special districts.  Of which MVA is one.]

The By-Laws

They're not much, folks, but here they are.  Click on them to get a larger view.  One page, followed by something from 5/17/86 that was probably an official change.  We'll do more research.  I called the good folks at Cramer & Anderson about this, since they're listed at the top of the fax.  They didn't call back.  See future posting regarding Murray J. Kessler, our man at law.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Political Machinery

Greetings from the Colangelo Administration!
(Our Motto: Slow Down!)
We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our crack team of Officers and Directors:

Frank Colangelo - President, Exalted Ruler
Michael Schwarzchild - Vice President, Rasputin
Linda Davis - Treasurer
Terri Mack - Clerk

The Three Eds (Los Tres Eds): 
   Ed Davis
   Ed Howard
   Ed Mack
Arthur Palmer
Maggie Colangelo (also serving as the MVA's most gracious first lady) 
Please feel free to call on Frank any hour of the night or day.
Elections will be held at the upcoming Special Annual Meeting.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mountain View

Welcome to The Mountain View, blog of the Mountain View Association, New Milford, CT.  We are a road-improvement, special tax district, but we have lots of soul.  If you're here, it's beause you want to be.  Watch this space.

 The MOUNTAIN in question, Mt. Tom: